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Santa's WCSJ Radio conversation with Kevin Schramm WCSJ 11/15/2022

So much has changed in 2022. Santa has finally reached the 21st century with technology!

Well to start, Santa’s has 2 new Event Planning and Security Elves at the North Pole. My elves Butch and Paulie volunteered last year. These guys are real go getters! I mean they are running at Warp Speed all day long and never stop working.

Let you in on a secret Kev, I know they will be in Morris this week taking pictures in some of the stores. If you’re fast enough, you might get a selfie with one of them.

These guys have come in and just taken over. They have booked Santa starting November 24th all the way to Christmas Eve seeing families and taking pictures.

They are in charge of getting everything in order for An Evening with Santa on December 17th at First Christian Church. These guys met with Pastor Scott at First Christian and put this together.

They have put together a craft show, a north pole experience and a Christmas story telling room.

They have worked with our craft vendors and sponsorships for Santa’s Village of Crafters, Santa’s North Pole and a Christmas Story reading room. They even named the room after themselves. It is called Butch and Paulie’s Storyland. They are also working behind the scenes with all the volunteers for setup as well.

Since they are my elves, they have seen An Evening with Santa progress over the past 4 years. They thought it was time to GO BIG or GO HOME! I actually had to throttle these guys back a bit and convince them to start small and grow the craft show.

They have booked 24 different vendors for a total of 33 10 x 10 booths. They have also received sponsorships from 35 different companies and organizations in Grundy County.

They set up our new website and update our Santa Claus is Coming to Morris Facebook page on a daily basis.

As of today, Butch and Paulie have booked Santa for 17 LIVE public events in Morris, Grundy County and even New Lenox. Each of these events are open and free to come in and get pictures with Santa. With these two guys running the events, who knows who may show up at any time during one of these events.… In fact, there is a video of them on our new website from Cornfest October 1st.

Kevin, Santa needs to get serious here for a few minutes….

Congo Family Fire

On October 14th at 4:30 am the Congo family in Morris woke up with their house filled with smoke from a fire.

Carrie (Mom) & Deuran (Dad) Congo woke up from the smoke. They managed to their children Mason, Morgan – Morris Varsity Football Player, and Malachi – Morris Chiefs Varsity Football Player all out safely.

The family of five and their dog were able to escape safely. They ran with nothing other than the clothes on their backs.

Carrie (Mom) works two jobs and is a full-time nursing student. Deuran (Dad) is recovering from a work-related injury. This injury has left him without the use of his right leg.

As you know Kev, since 2018 Santa Claus is Coming to Morris has chosen an organization to help with a donation from pictures I take during the Christmas season. In the past, we have raised cash funds for Operation St. Nick, Morris Lions, All Those Left Behind and Grundy County Special Connections.

This year Santa Claus is Coming to Morris will be taking pictures starting on November 26th all the way to December 23rd for donations. All donations received from public and private events will be given to the Congo family during the Morris High School varsity basketball game on January 3rd

List of dates for Santa Pictures

November 26th - Home for the Holidays - Sweet Tooth from 2 - 5 pm.

November 27th – Kringle Shopping Event – Montage from Noon – 4.

December 2nd - Midnight Madness in Morris - Sweet Tooth 5-7 pm, then Montage, Apple Butter & Shugie's, Alpine Coffee, and Clayton's Tap from 7 - 11 pm.

December 3rd at Morris POMs Craft show from 8 – 10 and then McCullough Implement on Rt. 6 (The Old Turf Team) from 10 – Noon.

December 4th Coal City Fire House Station 2 from 1 - 4

December 6th & 8th - Advantage Realty 900 W. Rt.6 in Morris 6-8 pm. Joan Eslinger at Advantage Realty has stepped up this year and is allowing Santa to take pictures in her decorated office. No need to go to the mall. Advantage Realty is located at 900 W. Rt. 6 in Morris. It is at the corner of Rt. 6 and Park Blvd.

December 11 - Winterfest in Morris - Montage, Apple Butter & Shugie's, Alpine Coffee, Sweet Tooth 1 - 5 pm.

December 12 & 13 - Advantage Realty 900 W. Rt.6 in Morris 6-8 pm.

December 15 – Morris YMCA – 5 – 8 pm

December 16th – Sweet Tooth from 5 – 7pm

December 17 - Evening with Santa - First Christian Church 3 - 7. Our goal has been to show kids they can go to a 1st responder for anything and not be afraid.

1. Santa’s Village of Crafters – Sponsored by Radosky Accounting in Dwight

2. The North Pole Experience - Sponsored by D Construction

a. 12 One of a Kind Giant Christmas Inflatables. Thank Chris, Stan and Julie.

b. We even have a 20ft. Santa – sponsored by Hair Benders Salon in Coal City

3. Butch & Paulie’s Storyland – sponsored by all our Grundy County First Responders

a. 4 Special Guest readers will be telling Christmas stories to everyone.

i. Sheriff Ken Briley

ii. Dr. Larry Johnson – Retired Army Medical Core and Veterinarian

iii. Pam Burton – Morris Library

iv. Special Guest – Butch and Paulie don’t even know!

December 18th – Number 4 Social Garage in Seneca 10 -2

Special Announcement will be coming for this date soon.

December 19th – D’Arcy Chevrolet in Morris from 6 – 8pm

December 22nd – Jack of All Fades in New Lenox from 3 – 5pm

These guys have also done a fantastic job with getting crafters and sponsors for this event.

They took the sleigh to Bob’s Advanced Auto and Tire in Coal City for winterizing and came back with them being one of our Event Sponsors. I was told Bob and Debbie Davis were thrilled to see them in the back of their shop with the sleigh up on the rack. They caught Bob trying to figure out how we get the sleigh to fly. Bob you may have to go on the Naughty List for that stunt!

While they were in Grundy County they also stopped in at D’Arcy Chevrolet. They were looking to see if they could get that shiny new red truck that is in the showroom now and trade in the sleigh. Nick Oeser the General Manager told them to stay with the sleigh. The new truck did not have the technology to fly like Santa’s sleigh. They finally found an honest car salesperson! Low and behold D’Arcy is an Event Sponsor too.

Hang on Kev for one of the greatest sleigh rides of the year in Grundy County. Butch and Paulie promised to deliver the biggest and best events in Grundy County at each of the days and times we spoke about a few minutes ago.

Be sure to check out our website or Facebook page Santa Claus is Coming to Morris for all the new and updated details.

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