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Butch and Paulie are on fire! Santa's Village of Crafters is becoming a reality.

Butch and Paulie are amazing! They volunteered their time over the weekend and still managed get 14 new vendors for Santa's Village of Crafters at An Evening with Santa on December 17th at First Christian Church from 3 - 7 in Morris, IL.

Here are a list of the vendors:

Catherine Borzym - Fun Art Box

Catherine Odel - Cats Creative

Cheryl Medema - Grandma's Cozy Cabin Crafts

Freaky Fun Faces

Gina Uzzardo - I Sew Christmas & Izzi Craftworks

Jacque Hall

Julie Melville

Katie Newell - Gnawit

Kathleen Brubaker - Kreative Kraftivity

Katherine Wisnewski

Maryann Ketman

Paul Wagner

Pat Boyk

Sweet Tooth

Great job guys, keep up the hard work. That Christmas bonus is just 7 vendors away. $$$$$$

If you know of any crafters who would like to be a resident at Santa's Village of Crafters, have them contact Butch and Paulie at

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