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Evening with Santa 2022 Kick Off - Morris Daily Herald Newspaper Oct. 6, 2022

Santa waves to the crowd at the Annual Lighted Holiday Parade. Friday, Nov. 26, 2021 in Morris. (Gary Middendorf - Middendorf)

MORRIS – Santa Claus is Coming to Morris’s new Security and Event Planning elves from the North Pole, Butch, and Paulie, were at Sweet Tooth in Morris Saturday afternoon with a huge announcement for An Evening with Santa 2022.

Kevin and Tarra Orf, owners of Sweet Tooth, were shocked when Butch and Paulie walked into their store Saturday afternoon during Cornfest. Kevin told me, “They pushed the door open and then just locked it behind them.”

Then all of a sudden “Everyone in the store just disappeared. It had to be Christmas Magic!” It was amazing how only the four of us were in the store during what happened next.

They then began to tell us how they have chosen Sweet Tooth as the place to make this announcement for Santa Claus is Coming to Morris.

They told us they have looked at 4 distinct locations and chose the one that fits the needs of anyone who attends An Evening with Santa.

This selected location has opened its doors to other organizations in Grundy County over the past years like Grundy County Heroes and Helpers, Red Cross Shelter (battery fire evacuation), Vaccination Station during the beginning of the pandemic, Grammar school drug prevention programs, Morris Boy Scouts and Morris Hospital.

Butch and Paulie were proud to announce the 2022 location for An Evening with Santa will be at First Christian Church in Morris.

They also told us Santa Claus is Coming to Morris has also launched a new website. The website is Their Facebook page did not change. It is still @SantaClausisComingtoMorris.

Kevin then went to tell us Butch and Paulie challenged the Grinch to the Ju-C Jelly Challenge at Sweet Tooth. Waiting to see if he accepts. Kevin told me the security camera video caught the whole visit and it is on Santa’s Facebook and website above as well as Sweet Tooth’s Facebook page @sweettoothmorris.

As they walked out of the store they said “The sleigh ride to An Evening with Santa starts now and we look forward to seeing all of you very soon”.

Then right after they walked out of the door everyone reappeared and acted like nothing ever happened. You just have to believe in Santa!

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